Tips on What & What Not To Wear Wine Tasting

When people plan Temecula wine tasting excursions, one of the most common questions they ask is how to dress. On the one hand The Temecula Valley is an agricultural region, which hardly sounds dressy. On the other, it’s packed with multi-million dollar estates producing fine wines, which makes it too classy to go super casual.


The truth is, when wine tasting Temecula, choosing the proper wine tasting attire has more to do with climate and function than any need for formality. It is Southern California, after all. Here are some do’s and don’ts for what to wear wine tasting, and other wine tasting tips.

Do: dress for comfort

If you’re planning to dine at one of Temecula’s many vaunted upscale restaurants, it makes sense to pack something classy to wear. But wine tasting itself is a daytime activity — nearly all of the winery tasting rooms close by early evening. The Temecula climate tends to be hot, sunny, and dry, so while wine tasting you’ll want to wear light, loose, and breathable fabrics. Go with something comfortable and summery, and bring a light jacket or sweater if you’re concerned about being chilly when the sun goes down.

Don’t: wear your finest garb

Wine tasting in Temecula doesn’t get too rowdy, but there are two ways a day of tasting can get sloppy and ruin light-colored garb. If you’re not using a spit bucket, you’re more likely to get a buzz going and splash red wine on your clean clothes. If you are using a spit bucket… a little bit of splash back could have the same effect. Stick to wine tasting attire that won’t make you spend the afternoon concerned about stains.

Do: wear sunglasses

Again, this is Southern California. Sunglasses aren’t just appropriate wine tasting attire, they are a crucial component to every outfit. Protect your eyes from the valley sun, and look So Cal chic in the process.

Don’t: forget the sunscreen

One of the best parts about Temecula wine tasting is enjoying the scenic valley views. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible sipping wine outdoors. Since you’ll be dressing light for the great weather, make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed skin so you don’t get burned.

Do: bring a sun hat

Sunglasses and sunscreen should be enough to protect from the elements, but like a day at the racetrack, wine tasting provides one of life’s greatest opportunities to rock a sun hat. As that sun moves across the sky, you’ll make your own shade and look great doing so.

Don’t: wear dressy shoes

You don’t have spend the entire day on your feet while wine tasting Temecula, but if you do it right, you will move from winery to winery, from tasting room bar to tasting room bar, with at least one or two strolls through local vineyards. If any of these wine tasting tips sink in, make sure it’s wearing comfortable shoes. Sandals and sneakers work just fine. If you prefer to wear heels, at least make sure they’re wide enough to handle walking in dirt or grass, and supportive enough to stand or walk in for three to six hours.

Do: book a Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tour

Maybe the better question isn’t what to wear wine tasting, but what to wear while riding between wineries on an open air jeep tour of the Temecula Valley! Book a tour with us, and we’ll offer a host of wine tasting tips to make the day perfect. Call us today at (951) 240-6646 to book your next jeep and wine tour!