There’s nothing like the arrival of spring to get you excited about getting out there to experience life. And if you’re in Southern California, there’s no better place to do just that than the Temecula Valley. These are just a few of the fun spring activities you’ll find in Temecula.

Spring wine tours


Of course, number one on everybody’s list of spring activities in Temecula should be wine tasting! Dozens of wineries populate the Temecula Valley, ranging from small, rustic, family vineyards to majestic winery estates. With so many to choose from, it takes a month of weekends just to scratch the surface. Whether you’re a repeat visitor or just getting started, sign up for spring wine tours with Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours to experience a curated sampling of Temecula’s best!

Exploring Old Town Temecula

Founded nearly 160 years ago, when the agricultural area became a train stop between San Diego and Riverside, Temecula’s old town runs along Front Street. Their visitors browse shops and restaurants built inside frontier era buildings, against a backdrop of redwood water towers, and sidewalks built out of old railroad ties.

Fine dining

Along with fine wine comes fine dining, and a number of wineries have complemented their properties with excellent restaurants. Those with dining patios become especially wonderful destinations in the spring, overlooking vineyards, boasting scenic horizon views, and serving a range of cuisines just made to pair with local wines, of course.

Stroll through the vineyards

Mild temperatures and fresh air make the Temecula Valley a wonderful place for spring activities such as a morning or evening walk. Nothing will help cement your memories of a trip to wine country like strolling through the orderly rows of grapevines, from vineyard to vineyard.

Horseback riding

Temecula may be viewed as a center of cultural attractions amid a rustic setting, and spring is the perfect time to explore the beautiful landscapes provided by the local vineyards and surrounding hillsides. A guided ride through the horse trails criss-crossing the area makes for a memorable experience.

Spring Jeep Tours

A great way to enjoy both the beautiful surroundings and wineries is by taking a spring jeep tour. Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours takes you exploring the backroads, skirting rows of vines and stopping to appreciate the breathtaking hillside views before delivering you in style to the region’s best wineries.

Temecula comes from a local Native American term for “sunshine through the mist,” and the whole area finds incredible ways to live up to the poetry of its name. Let Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours be your guide to the best spring activities in the Temecula Valley. To learn more, give us a call at (951) 240-6646