Some of us are born travelers, some are bona fide adventurers. For all of us, there’s an exciting world out there, waiting to be discovered. Whether your next adventure takes you to the further reaches of a southern continent, or to the nearby adventure of a Temecula wine tasting tour, here are a few of the best adventure trips we have in mind this year.

South Africa

One of the best adventure trips imaginable, and certainly among the most storied, is to take a safari through South Africa’s famed grasslands, the Veldt. This is the land of lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippos, zebras, and giraffes, and exploration of the region via jeep tours brings you closer to primal nature than any zoo ticket ever will. You might want to celebrate animal sightings with a South African wine tour.


As one of the world’s top scuba and snorkeling destinations, Belize features astounding reefs and atolls teeming with Caribbean sea life, and it’s best known for the Big Blue Hole, a massive submarine sinkhole. But adventure travelers have also gotten hip to the idea its best adventure trips include the diving opportunities of its cenotes. These expansive sea cave systems allow you to explore both underground and underwater.

The Alps

Skiing and hiking are only two of the many great reasons to visit the alps. Many of the rest involve the exceptional views, fresh air, fine food, and access to regional beer and wine. If you visit the Alpine region outside of Salzburg, at the German and Austrian border, you may pay a memorable spelunk to the Eisriesenwelt ice cave. Hike the cave to witness breathtaking blue ice structures, like sculptures of a natural order.


The mountainous southernmost tip of South America is literally what we mean when we talk about going to the ends of the earth. As far as the world’s best adventure trips go, it offers one of the most rugged, and perhaps the most extreme escapes from reality. Rigorous hiking yields spellbinding views of awesome glaciers, chiseled fjords, and the ragged, snow-capped mountain peaks of another world.


Whatever your ocean sport of choice, you may expect to find it in the islands of perpetual aloha. Surfing, diving, sailing, and paddling are part of the daily routine in this Pacific paradise, but the land provides its own wonders. Hike through a verdant jungle to swim under waterfalls, step swiftly through a bamboo forest, or gaze into the maw of a volcano.

Southern California

We like to think the best adventure trips offer a taste of culture in addition to a little action. Our Temecula wine tasting tours fit the bill, set up around jeep tours of the Temecula Valley, which is nestled within Southern California’s landscape of mountains and deserts. These jeep and wine tours make the most of scenic natural surroundings, while select wine tastings make contribute to the refined epicurean pleasures Temecula has become known for. Wake up early and spend your day riding via jeep tour between award winning wineries, and you’ll be sure to finish every night with cheers.

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