group of people flying in a hot air balloon

Hot air balloons are a common morning sight in Temecula, and the only thing better than watching them gently float across the sky is to ride in one yourself! The beloved Temecula Valley wine country provides an ideal weekend destination, within easy reach of every corner of Southern California.

However, people don’t just come for the wine. Temecula offers the best hot air ballooning in all of California, and is among the best hot air balloon rides in the world. Here are six reasons why you should ride in a hot air balloon over Temecula.

1. The views

The Temecula Valley wine country sits in a natural basin dotted by lakes and ringed by mountain ranges. Because the winds in Temecula favor early morning hot air balloon rides, when your balloon rises to four thousand feet, you’ll bear witness to the early morning sun creeping over mountain tops to wake up the valley beneath. The unparalleled panoramic view extends to three different counties, and offers a perfect portrait of the Temecula vineyards below. It will take your breath away.

2. The thrills

Surroundings aside, the excitement of a California hot air balloon ride will also leave you breathless. From the moment your balloon leaves the comfort of solid ground, you’ll find yourself in a heightened state of awareness. You’ll watch the ground recede as if by magic, and before you know it you’ll be hundreds of feet in the air. It’s an experience most of us know from riding in airplanes, but when you’re in a hot air balloon ride over Temecula, you’re in the open air, with nothing more than wicker basket beneath you (don’t worry, it’s a sturdy one!).

3. The bucket list

Taking a hot air balloon over California is one of those things everybody has got to do at least once a lifetime! It’s right up there, between snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course, those are activities you must go to the ends of the earth to check off your bucket list. For those in Southern California, with hot air balloon rides in Temecula so close by, there’s no good reason to put this one off!

4. The romance

Romantic excursions may be as extravagant as a river cruise on the Seine, or as simple as a carriage ride through Central Park. But none match the intimacy of holding each other close while floating in a hot air balloon over Temecula, nor anything close to the thrill of rising to the clouds, or cruising close over the treetops. If there’s a better way to celebrate an anniversary, or a better place for a marriage proposal, we haven’t seen it.

5. The memories

How many of the great photos of your life were taken from four thousand feet off the ground? A hot air balloon ride in Temecula offers incredibly scenery you’ll want to capture to preserve the moment. There’ll be plenty of time for photography, as well as taking time to get caught up in the moment. Afterwards, it may seem like it all happened so fast, but you’ll be telling your friends about the experience for the rest of your life!

6. The excuse to drink wine

Of course, the best reason to choose Temecula as your hot air balloon destination has to do with how you’ll spend the rest of the day. There’s nothing like a hot air balloon tour to kick start your thirst for a wonderful day of wine tasting.

At Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours, we can help you do both, with hot air balloon rides over Temecula in the morning, then jeep tours of Temecula’s renowned wineries the rest of the day. Leave it to us to make the most of your visit to Temecula wine country. Call us at (951) 240-6646 for more information about our hot air balloon tours and jeep tours.