At Temecula Jeep and Wine Tours, we offer a distinctive way to experience the award-winning ways of Temecula wine country. Our jeep tours transport guests around the back roads of the Temecula Valley, visiting a specially curated assortment of Temecula’s more than forty wineries and vineyards.

Here are a few things you may expect along the way as we tour.

See the vineyards

While visiting a winery, guests can look forward to touring its vines, strolling through scenic vineyards that support a stunning variety of different grapes. Through the summer season, this will give you an up close look at fruit in various stages of ripeness.

Learn about the winemaking process

One of the great perks of a good wine tour is getting the opportunity to meet winemakers and tour their facilities. Guest will be treated to a glimpse behind the scenes of the winemaking process, and may learn a lot about what makes Temecula wines so special.

Sample the winery’s specialties

Because you’ve come for the wine, you’ll probably want to come away from each winery with a good idea of what sort of wines it makes. On a wine tour, you’ll be exposed to a winery’s best known and regarded vintages, sampling the true character without any guesswork.

Optional food pairings

A number of Temecula Valley wineries offer some level of food service alongside their tasting rooms. This may be as simple as fruit and cheese plates, a more comprehensive bistro setting, or an elegant outdoor restaurant basking in the hillside views.

Visit a gift shop

Before you leave a winery destination, you’ll always have a chance to spend time exploring its gift shop and bottle sales options. Thanks to your participation with the wine tour, you’ll have a pretty good idea which varietals and vintages to focus on.

Take in the views

Part of the allure of any wine country is the scenery that grape-friendly climates produce: namely, gorgeous rolling hillsides with endless rows of green vines. In Temecula, you’ll also see golden, sun-kissed foothills marching toward a horizon of desert mountain peaks. Whenever one of our jeeps passes by a particularly scenic vista, we’ll gladly stop a moment to get out and enjoy it.

Leave the driving to us

The most cumbersome part about planning your own wine tour is trying to figure out transportation options as you travel between wineries. Temecula Valley roads often see a lot of congestion as visitors try to do so, which can be especially frustrating for a designated driver.

Temecula Valley Jeep and Wine Tours eliminate all this frustration. Let us manage your itinerary so you can focus on the most important thing: enjoying your time spent in beautiful Southern California wine country.