One of Southern California’s top romantic getaways, Temecula Valley Wine country has enough romantic activities to fill an entire weekend, whether it’s a special occasion or a surprise trip out of town. Here are some of the incredible highlights.

Stroll through the vineyards

The romance of any wine country starts with its vineyards, and that’s doubly true of Temecula Valley wine country. Take a romantic stroll through long rows of grapevines that stretch across the sunny Temecula hillsides. It’s tough to find a vineyard in Temecula that doesn’t offer romantic stomping grounds, but if you’re looking for the ones with the best views, try those at Falkner Winery, Oak Mountain Winery, or Vindemia Vineyard.

Drink some bubbly

If you’re going to raise a glass to romance, it’s best to do so with sparkling wine. While champagne technically must come from the French region where it gets its name, several Temecula wineries make sparkling wine by practicing méthode champenoise, the traditional methods used in champagne production. Arrange a table for two and taste the sparkling roses and bruts of Thornton Winery or its sister label, Carter Estates, for some of the brightest traditional bubbly this side of the Atlantic.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Perhaps the most romantic thing two people can do at sunrise, hot air balloon tours over Temecula offer a dreamy look at the entire gorgeous expanse that is the Temecula Valley. A couple of hot air balloon operators offer early morning rides. California Dreamin’ meets pre-dawn at Vindemia Vineyard, while A Grape Escape hot air balloon tours gather at Europa Village.

Horse & Carriage Ride

If it’s romantic in Central Park, it’s got to be exponentially more so when you do it in wine country. Book a horse and carriage ride through Temecula Carriage Company, and enjoy a leisurely ride at the end of an epic day of wine tasting. All you have to do is sit close, and be lulled by the relaxing clip clopping of hooves.

Eat romantic meal

Time your dinner around sundown at the Flower Hill Bistro at Miramonte Winery, which true to its name offers spectacular views of the mountains surrounding Temecula Valley, which light up under colorful skies for the right sunset. Or splurge on one of the most romantic wine country dinners in the U.S., try the excellent food, wine, and breathtaking setting of the restaurant at Leoness Cellars.

Temecula Jeep & Wine Tours

Ultimately, the whole point of taking a romantic excursion to wine country is to enjoy time together sipping great wines, and that doesn’t work out as well if one of you has to be a designated driver. Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours solves that problem by driving you around to a curated selection of Temecula’s most romantic wine tasting destinations. And because our jeeps embrace Temecula’s awesome backroads, we won’t get caught up in all the slow moving wine tasting traffic that tends to back up on the valley’s main roads. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure. We’ll handle everything.