Collectively, gift cards have become one of the most popular gifts to give  — and receive —during the holiday season. Not only do the best gift cards save a gift giver the concern of choosing the perfect gift in the right size or color, it saves the recipient from the stress of explaining a gift isn’t the right size or color. In other words, nobody has to return or exchange anything!

Of course, some gift cards thrill more than others, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best and most popular holiday gift cards to give this season.

Temecula Valley Jeeps & Wine Tours Gift Card

Plenty of gift cards allow gift recipients to buy themselves things. But we firmly believe the best gift cards offer a fantastic experience, such as a jeep and wine tour of the Temecula Valley! A gift card for one of our wine tasting tours is like three gifts in one. Yes, it’s a ticket to one of our specially curated, off-road tours visiting three top Temecula wineries. But first it’s an adventurous getaway to look forward to, and ultimately it will become a fond memory to look back on.

Visa Gift Card

Essentially a classier way to bestow the gift of cash, prepaid disposable cards offered by Visa and other credit card providers comprise some of the most popular gift cards out there these days. On the one hand, such holiday gift cards say, “I didn’t put a lot of thought into your gift.” On the other, they suggest, “I want you to buy yourself something nice.

Starbucks Gift Card

It doesn’t always seem like one of the best gift cards to give. In fact, people don’t tend to get overly excited when they receive a Starbucks gift card. However, this is like the original card that keeps on giving. Because sooner or later, everyone who drinks coffee winds up at a Starbucks, and when they happens, he or she will always be ecstatic to let the gift card pay the cost of a nonfat mocha Frappuccino.

eBay Gift Card

In some ways, giving someone an eBay gift card is similar to giving them a Visa gift card: it’s an encouragement for someone to get themselves something fun. However, thanks to the promise of great value offered by eBay’s auction marketplace, this gift pleases a recipient a second way: finding a bargain. Oddly enough, this aspect makes it one of the best gift cards to give to someone who absolutely loves scoring a great deal.

Fandango Gift Card

For those in your life who loves going to the movies, loading up a Fandango Gift Card may provide multiple opportunities to do something great: get out of the house! Better yet, by ordering tickets online, they will ensure their show of choice doesn’t sell out, and avoid standing in long ticket lines. These are especially great as holiday gift cards, because who doesn’t go to movies during the holidays?