Reasons why you should take a temecula Jeep & Wine Tour

Jeep & Wine Tours in Temecula

The Temecula Valley has grown to become Southern California's premiere wine tasting destination. Between the wineries, the historical 19th century charm of Old Town Temecula, the mild climate, and diverse landscapes, there are myriad ways to enjoy a visit to Temecula. The most adventurous happens to involve an open air jeep.

There are plenty of reasons you need to take a Temecula Valley jeep & wine tour, and each of them individually would make for a memorable occasion. 

Taste wine


There are three dozen wineries in and around the Temecula Valley, and Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours will select three of the best tasting rooms to visit. This way, you may sample the work of the region's award winning winemakers, and experience the best expressions of Temecula's unique terroir. You'll also receive guided tours of the winemaking and barrel rooms. Since you'll leave the driving to us, your whole group can enjoy each tasting without having to worry about a spit bucket.

Tour vineyards

Our four wheel drive jeep tours don't stick to major roads — where's the fun in that? We'll take you on a more scenic route, which includes passing through a few of the local vineyards. This will give you a chance to experience the romance of roving through long rows of grapevines and citrus orchards as we go. When you see something you like, we can stop to give you a chance to see it up close, then hop back in the jeep and cruise from acre to acre.

Off road adventure


Temecula is not all valley, there are lakes and hillsides and of course mountain ridges surrounding it. As we travel between stops, our jeep and wine tours will take you on a rugged yet safe 4x4 adventure, bounding along country roads — and off them — while you soak up some of the glorious local weather. 

Beautiful scenery

As we continue through your Temecula Valley jeep and wine tour, there will be opportunities to stop to bear witness to the impressive views of Temecula wine country and the surrounding local scenery. From the right vantage point, you may gaze across the entire valley. We'll pack a gourmet lunch so you may picnic and enjoy the breathtaking vistas! 

Tours embark daily

Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine morning tours start at 10am and last over four hours. Afternoon tours start at 2:30 and last three and a half hours. Tours include hotel pick up and drop, so sit back, leave the driving to us, and enjoy a spirited time in Temecula wine country. Give us a call at (951) 240-6646 to learn more about taking Jeep and Wine Tours or click the button below.