It seems like just yesterday you were scrambling to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for your special someone, and now it’s already time to find something perfect and romantic for Valentine’s Day. But there’s no need to stress! We’ve gathered up some wonderful gift ideas for your sweetheart that will work for any budget, personal preference, or level of relationship. Read on for 10 great gifts for Valentine’s Day 2017. 

#1 Jeep & Wine Tour in Temecula

Wine tasting tours are always fabulous experiences and make great gifts (especially wine tours in Temecula). But they’re even better when you add an element of adventure with a Jeep & Wine Tour through Temecula’s scenic wine country. At Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours, you’ll visit three award-winning wineries, traveling via open-air 4x4 Jeep to take in the gorgeous blue skies and stunning mountain vistas while your knowledgeable guide offers insight into wine making and the history of the valley. All tours also include barrel room and crush pad tours and a safe off-road run. Our Signature Tour also comes with complimentary appetizers and a gourmet lunch for the ultimate in romantic mini-getaways.

#2 Boudoir photos

Selfies, group pics, and surprise candids are great for preserving memories of you and your special someone, but if you want to spice up those memories a bit, consider posing for sexy boudoir photos at a local photography studio. You bring the lingerie, they’ll provide a romantic backdrop and respectful, professional encouragement to bring out the supermodel within. Don’t assume this gift idea is exclusively for men—ladies go gaga over their scantily clad sweethearts as well.

#3 Wine from a special year

Wine makes a wonderful gift—for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and more. And while selecting a bottle of your significant other’s favorite vintage (from a specialty wine store or during a wine tasting in Temecula) is a guaranteed gift homerun, why not boost the romance factor by choosing a wine from a special year: the year you met, the year you started dating, the year you got married, or any year with special meaning. Your honey might not notice the significance at first glance, but once they do, prepare for kisses, tears, or (wink) possibly more!

#4 Mixology kit

Whether your sweetheart is into drinking, cooking, chemistry, or all of the above, they’ll love the chance to whip up their own signature drinks with a mixology kit. There are several types available in stores and online, with specializations focusing on exotic flavors, scientific special effects, or other unique ways to customize drinks for parties or romantic dinners for two.

#5 Cashmere socks

On first glance, socks might seem like the opposite of a great Valentine’s Day gift, but we guarantee that the moment your loved one slips on the softest, warmest, most luxurious socks they’ve ever encountered, any apprehension will melt away with the chilliness in their feet.

#6 Personalized Wine Glasses

Laser-etched wine glasses are typically a fixture at weddings, but there are literally infinite ways to customize wine glasses for your sweetheart. You can go romantic with a sweet sentiment or humorous with an inside joke. Some companies can even etch photos onto glass, which means you can have your face on one wine glass, your honey’s on the other so they kiss when set next to each other.

#7 Photo book

Whether you’ve been with your special someone for a month, a year, or a decade, you probably have tons of photos together clogging up your phone’s memory. So why not bring them out into the real world of paper and ink by arranging them in a beautifully printed photo book? You can go the simple route with just photos, enhance the romance with sweet captions, or if you really want warm your honey’s heart, arrange the photos in a story of your relationship.

#8 Homemade gourmet treats

For an economical present that oozes with romantic effort, try your hand at baking a gourmet treat for your Valentine, like a rich cake layered with mousse, a vibrant fruit tart, or even the ultimate in gourmet desserts, the pro-level chocolate soufflé. But even if you’re not handy enough in the kitchen to try a challenging treat, cupcakes made from a box mix or chocolate chip cookies from the recipe on the bag will always be appreciated.

#9 Mix tape/CD

Playlists might be the easiest way to organize songs these days, but nothing beats the romance of an old-school mix tape (or CD, rather, considering cassettes and cassette players don’t really exist anymore). So gather up a selection of songs with special significance in your relationship, or just your sweetheart’s favorites, and play it during a romantic dinner or scenic drive (Bonus: bring it along to play during a Jeep & Wine tour!).

#10 Top 10 list

In honor of this top 10 Valentine’s Day gift list, we have to include one of the easiest and yet most romantic gifts possible: a list of the top 10 reasons you love your Valentine. It might be hard to narrow it down, but once you’ve selected the best of the best, write them out in a fancy calligraphy pen (or print with romantic font) on luxurious thick cardstock paper. To up the romance factor even more, place the list in a decorative frame your sweetie can keep by their bed. This way, your love will be the first and last thing they see every day. 

Your #1 deserves the #1 Valentine’s Day gift

If your significant other loves wine and a bit of adventure, take advantage of our special ValenWine Jeep Tour this Valentine’s Day. Our morning or afternoon tours are one of the best things to do in Temecula, and both tour times include a gift bag with local champagne and gourmet chocolates. And if you can’t make it Feb. 14, don’t worry—the ValenWine Jeep tours are available Feb. 11, 12 and 13 as well. Space is limited, so call Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine tours at (951) 240-6646 to reserve your spot now!